Greg Obis

Hi, my name is Greg and I’m an audio engineer in Chicago. I am a mastering engineer at Chicago Mastering Service where I’ve worked on albums for artists on Car Park Records, Sacred Bones, Numero Group, Fire Talk, RVNG Intl., Exploding in Sound, and International Anthem to name a few. I also record, mix, and do live sound both locally and abroad. I’ve been in bands like Yeesh, Clearance, and currently Stuck. I am also “moving units” as co-owner of Born Yesterday Records. Here is a partial discography of records I’ve had the pleasure of working on. (This website is updated sporadically and haphazardly.) I would love to work on yours too =O)



Content That Makes You Feel Good
Recording | Mixing
Exploding In Sound Records

Will Stratton

The Changing Wilderness
Bella Union

Cloud Nothings

The Shadow I Remember
Carpark Records

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Cool guy with neat skills.